Process Mapping

We are a team that embodies process thinking and delivers value through building tailored business applications around who you are and your specific needs.

Data Focus

Signetic understands companies through their processes. To get you to where you want to go, we want to understand where you are. We do this by applying Process Mapping Methodology-- Signetic’s own framework that evolved over a decade of business application development.

Processes are made up of company goals, the steps used to deliver on those goals, the people that move steps forward, and the tools those people use.

Process Mapping

Signetic’s Process Mapping is a proven method of understanding processes by detailing the interaction of goals, steps, people, and tools. The result is a detailed deliverable that acts as the single source of truth we use when designing your Digital Transformation.

Process mapping is conducted through free-flowing, one-on-one interviews with key players during a dedicated phase at the beginning of an engagement. Goals are gathered through leadership and stakeholder interviews. Steps and tools are mapped by interviewing team members involved in every step.


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