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Over time the tools available to enterprises evolve and as a result digital transformation changed with it. A decade ago, adopting individual cloud software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools popular. Today this means gathering data workforce, customer Gain insights faster, adapt more proactively, and align around a common goal. Are you and your organization leading or are you catching up?

How long did it take your company to run all your meetings and communication digitally through video-conferencing? How many processes did you need to change from paper and email chains to cloud based processes? A digitally transformed company is ready on day one.

Signetic works with you to identify business goals and guide your transformation journey.

  • Signetic uses process mapping methodology to understand where your company is today and design thinking methodology to identify where you want to be. Learn more...
  • Signetic’s platform of choice is Microsoft’s Power Platform-- the most advanced and robust ecosystem for companies to adopt and build on top of. Learn more...

What kind of organization do you aspire to be?

A digital transformation journey is different for every company but data lies at their heart. If you had the perfect business application today, what would it do?

  • Empower workforce
  • Engage customers
  • Improve your products
  • Optimize Operations
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. ‐ Widad

Begin a virtuous loop of collecting data, gaining new insights, iterating on your business, and collecting new data to repeat the loop. Business applications are the tools your internal workforce uses to move your processes forward and collect data. They are designed around you and evolve as your processes evolve.

Digital Feedback

A client calls a commercial electrician to inspect a building. Using a dedicated custom app, a company representative schedules a field service employee to visit the client at their location during a designated call. The field service employee gets notified of the job through their own dedicated app which includes details of the appointment, the customer, the issue to be solved, and available schematics of the property. The field worker logs their arrival, takes notes during repair, logs repair details, originates a service bill, and logs their departure. The company uses this data for future maintenance as well as tracks performance of the team to identify improvements leading to more efficient response times, methods of resolution, and identify opportunities for added services.

How do you want to build it?

Signetic builds business apps as tools that enrich your processes and your people. We identify your existing processes and your target goals. We then develop business apps to integrate into your existing ecosystem in a way that allows you and your teams to grow. We build custom business apps specific to our clients using best practices we have adapted over our decade of experience.

  • At the beginning of your journey? Consider building small connector applications that bring disparate data together and make your data actionable. Learn more...
  • Ready to improve a vital process in your organization? Consider building a larger app that brings your data and your team together to one place. Learn more...
  • Committed to a full digital transformation for your entire organization? Build a full plan and move quickly. Learn more...

Continue to evolve after your transformation.

Already building apps and need a strong team?

We work with organizations to build internal capabilities by create a center of excellence.
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Low-code/no-code small internal team.
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